Hello! My name is Shelley and I’m The Recon Girl. I choose to spend my days with my husband running our Etsy shop, Reconstitutions. (Get it? Recon-Girl?) We are full time resellers on various platforms.  I’m rather mouthy and tend to use words my parents wouldn’t be proud of, but I do try to keep them to a minimum in text at least.  Hunting, collecting and selling vintage is both my hobby and my job. I also squeeze in a semi-unhealthy video game addiction which I make time for with my exercise allergy.  Damn treadmill makes me break out in hives. Or at least I seem to recall it did – I haven’t pushed my luck lately.

Although I’m originally from Pennsylvania, I have lived in the beautiful bluegrass of Kentucky since 1996. If I ever move again it will be south, or somewhere with google fiber.  A girl has to have standards. I love my husband, my parents, my siblings, my siblings-in-law and my nieces and nephews. Those last couple are the cutest, of course.

Also a big shout out to my late Grandparents without whom I would scoff at those who see treasure where others see junk. I love and miss you all.

So that’s me, mostly. I didn’t want to leave this blank but it’s a bit weird to just yap about myself like someone will care.  There you have it.


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