furniture facelifts

Promotional rulers make this little table a fantastic conversation piece!

Sometimes people amaze me with the brilliant things they make with vintage “junk.”

Take this amazing ruler table from Repurposed Soul in Nicholasville, Kentucky.

What a great way to turn promotional items into a functional work space as well as (my favorite) a huge splash of color! These guys do some amazing things, so be sure to check out their Facebook page!

palet sofa

A palet sofa perfect for lounging

Or how about this low sitting sofa made with discarded palets and covered with bright and casual fabric?

I could see this in a family room or kids room. It’s super eye catching and looks comfy, too! A media room with these scattered all around in various fabrics would make it the go to destination for movie night.

I have had this sofa on one of my Pinterest boards forever, just waiting to stumble on a bunch of palets in need of a home.

Find this and many other used for old palets at homedit.

My last idea for today is a super simple one that anyone can do.

Mobile toy storage

Mobile toy storage

Take any old piece of luggage, a foot locker, a crate or box of any kind, and throw some casters on it to make an instant piece of mobile storage.  This is one example used as a toy chest, but the possibilities are endless.  Who doesn’t need more storage?

If you have an item you’d like to put casters on right now, but don’t want to ruin the look of the piece by putting shiny new casters on a beautifully aged box, head over to Gazaboo on Etsy.  I have no idea where she gets all of her amazing casters but she normally has a few sets to choose from. If there are none in the shop right now, I’m sure you could leave a message and be alerted as soon as more come available.

All you need is a keen eye to transform anything sturdy and solid into something functional and truly cool. Filling our lives with history and personality always trumps new and shiny, doesn’t it? It definitely does in my world.



  1. Gaz

    Shelly this is awesome…can’t wait to see what’s next! Terrific start to your blogging adventure!!!
    And thanks for mentioning my casters, so sweet of you!

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